Highlights from Heritage’s $60 Million FUN Auctions

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Highlights from Heritage's $60 Million FUN Auctions

Heritage Auctions recently concluded its highly anticipated FUN US Coins Auction, achieving remarkable success with total sales surpassing $40 million. Among the standout performers was the exquisite 1855 Kellogg & Co. Fifty Dollar PR64 Cameo PCGS. CAC. Kagin-4, High R.6, which set a new record at $1.26 million, showcasing the enduring demand for numismatic treasures.

Exceeding Expectations

The auction’s total proceeds, combined with the Collection of Walter J. Husak and The Liberty Cap Foundation US Coins Signature® Auction, amounted to an impressive $60.3 million. Todd Imhof, Executive Vice President at Heritage Auctions, expressed delight at the continued robustness of the numismatic market, emphasizing the unwavering enthusiasm of collectors and dealers.

Treasured Highlights

Notable among the auction’s highlights were three coins that surpassed the million-dollar mark. The 1860 Half Eagle, Judd-271, PR64+ Deep Cameo PCGS, achieved a winning bid of $1.14 million, underscoring its rarity and historical significance. Similarly, the finest known 1851 Schultz & Co. Half Eagle, MS62 PCGS, fetched $1.02 million, doubling the previous top price.


The auction also unveiled exceptional rarities, including the 1868 Liberty Eagle, Judd-661, PR66 Cameo PCGS, which realized a record $930,000. This prized rarity, one of only four known examples, carries a storied history, adding to its allure and desirability among discerning collectors.

Unprecedented Success

Further contributing to the auction’s success were other noteworthy lots, such as the Fr. 1166b-I $20 1863 Gold Certificate PMG Very Fine 25, which commanded $480,000. This exemplar of America’s first Gold Certificate exemplifies the enduring appeal of historical currency and its intrinsic value to collectors.

Looking Ahead

As Heritage Auctions continues to showcase rare and coveted numismatic treasures, anticipation builds for future events. With each auction, the numismatic community celebrates the passion for collecting and the enduring legacy of these cherished artifacts.


What was the total sales figure for Heritage’s FUN US Coins Auction?

Total sales exceeded $40 million, with combined proceeds reaching $60.3 million.

What were some standout highlights from the auction?

Notable highlights include the record-setting 1855 Kellogg & Co. Fifty Dollar PR64 Cameo PCGS. CAC. Kagin-4, High R.6, which sold for $1.26 million.

What contributed to the auction’s success?

The auction’s success was attributed to the exceptional rarity and historical significance of the showcased coins and currency.

Are there any upcoming events from Heritage Auctions?

As Heritage Auctions continues to curate rare numismatic treasures, collectors eagerly anticipate future events to add to their collections.

What sets Heritage Auctions apart in the numismatic market?

Heritage Auctions’ commitment to excellence and its unparalleled platform attract collectors and dealers alike, fostering a vibrant marketplace for numismatic enthusiasts.

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