NGC Ancients-Certified Coins at Heritage Auctions

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NGC Ancients-Certified Coins at Heritage Auctions

Prepare to embark on a journey through time as Heritage Auctions presents an extraordinary collection of coins certified by Numismatic Guaranty Company® (NGC®) Ancients. These treasures, spanning from the inception of coinage to the Byzantine Empire, offer a glimpse into the rich history of civilizations past. With over 130 NGC Ancients-certified coins up for auction, numismatic enthusiasts have a rare opportunity to acquire pieces of unparalleled historical significance.

Glimpse of Ancient Splendor

At the forefront of this prestigious auction stands a Lydia Croesus 561-546 BC “Heavy Series” Gold Stater, graded NGC MS★, 5/5 Strike, and 5/5 Surface. Crafted during the reign of Croesus, this remarkable coin symbolizes a pivotal moment in the history of currency. With an estimated value ranging from $100,000 to $150,000, this masterpiece embodies the essence of ancient craftsmanship and innovation.

Tapestry of History

Among the illustrious offerings are coins from various epochs, each with its own tale to tell. From Roman Imperatorial Gold Aureus to Byzantine Empire Gold Solidus, the auction boasts a diverse array of numismatic treasures. Notable highlights include a Roman Imperatorial Quintus Labienus Silver Denarius and a Zeugitana Gold Trihemistater, both bearing the esteemed NGC Ancients certification.

Collector’s Paradise

Numismatic enthusiasts and collectors alike will find themselves captivated by the exquisite selection of coins awaiting discovery. Whether seeking a rare addition to a collection or a piece of history to cherish, the Heritage Auctions event promises something extraordinary for every discerning collector.


As the auction unfolds, participants will have the opportunity to acquire not just coins but tangible connections to the past. Each NGC Ancients-certified coin represents a chapter in the annals of civilization, inviting collectors to become custodians of history.


What makes NGC Ancients-certified coins special?

NGC Ancients certification ensures authenticity and provides valuable insights into the historical significance of each coin.

How can I participate in the Heritage Auctions event?

Interested individuals can visit the Heritage Auctions website for more information on registration and bidding.

Are there specific highlights in the auction?

Yes, notable highlights include the Lydia Croesus Gold Stater and coins from various historical periods, all certified by NGC Ancients.

What is the significance of owning ancient coins?

Owning ancient coins allows collectors to connect with the past and preserve tangible artifacts of history for future generations.

Can I expect to find coins within my budget?

The auction offers a diverse range of coins with varying estimates, catering to collectors with different budgetary considerations.

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