Crescent Heights $10 National Bank Note Fetches Over $50,000

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Crescent Heights $10 National Bank Note Fetches Over $50,000

In a recent auction featuring an eclectic mix of world coins, bank notes, postage stamps, and sports memorabilia, bidders witnessed remarkable results surpassing initial estimates across the board.

Star of the Show

The auction’s standout moment came with the sale of a rare gem: the sole known example of the West Hollywood National Bank of Crescent Heights, California $10 National note. With its unique provenance and pristine condition, this historic piece fetched an impressive $54,450, capturing the attention of collectors worldwide.

Other Currency Highlights

Alongside the Crescent Heights note, several other currency lots drew significant interest. A $10 National from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, featuring serial #1, commanded a respectable $6,050. Additionally, a diverse assortment of colonial, Confederate, and international notes garnered enthusiastic bids, underscoring the enduring appeal of numismatic collectibles.

Sports Memorabilia Excitement

Sports enthusiasts eagerly vied for coveted items, including a 1954 Mickey Mantle Bowman card, a 1951 Berk Ross Hit Parade set, and a 1954 Red Heart Dog Food set, all fetching impressive sums and showcasing the enduring popularity of vintage sports collectibles.

Strong Performance

United States gold and silver coins proved to be consistent performers throughout the auction. A 12-piece type set realized $13,310, while standout pieces like the 1909-O Key date $5 Indian and an 11-piece commemorative gold set further underscored the enduring allure of precious metal investments.


With each lot surpassing expectations and eliciting spirited bidding, the auction served as a testament to the enduring fascination with rare and unique collectibles across various categories.


What was the highlight of the recent auction?

The auction’s highlight was the sale of the only known Crescent Heights $10 National Bank Note, which realized over $50,000.

What contributed to the rarity of the Crescent Heights note?

The note’s rarity stemmed from being the sole known example, coupled with its impeccable condition and unique provenance.

Were there any notable currency lots besides the Crescent Heights note?

Yes, other notable currency lots included a $10 National from Punxsutawney, colonial notes, Confederate notes, and a collection of Iranian notes.

What sports memorabilia items garnered significant attention?

Items such as the 1954 Mickey Mantle Bowman card, the 1951 Berk Ross Hit Parade set, and the 1954 Red Heart Dog Food set saw strong bidding activity.

How did precious metals perform in the auction?

Precious metals, including United States gold and silver coins, exhibited consistent strength, with several lots selling above their high estimates.

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