Charles II ‘Petition’ Crown Fetches $960,000 at Heritage’s NYINC Auction

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Charles II ‘Petition’ Crown Fetches $960,000 at Heritage’s NYINC Auction

In an exhilarating auction event, Heritage’s January 8 NYINC Platinum Session World & Ancient Coins Signature® Auction saw the remarkable sale of the second-highest-graded “Petition” Crown for a staggering $960,000, setting a new world record. This sale propelled the auction’s total to an impressive $12,154,981. Coupled with the results of the NYINC World Coins Signature® Auction held on January 16-18, the combined total soared to an astounding $15,984,513.

Auction Highlights

The auction’s spotlight was on the Charles II silver Pattern “Petition” Crown 1663 MS62 NGC, engraved by the esteemed Thomas Simon. This exquisite piece, one of fewer than 20 known examples, smashed previous records, becoming the most expensive British silver coin ever sold.

Another standout was the Henry III (1216-1272) gold Penny of 20 Pence ND (c. 1257) UNC Details (Bent) NGC, which closed at an impressive $504,000. This rarity, proposed by British numismatist Sir John Evans as the “true” first portrait of an English king on coinage, is a testament to its historical significance.

The auction also saw the Anne gold 5 Guineas 1706 MS63 PCGS more than double its pre-auction estimate, fetching a record-setting $408,000. Noteworthy was the Carol I gold Proof Pattern 20 Lei 1868 PR62 Ultra Cameo NGC, which nearly tripled its high pre-auction estimate, selling for $336,000, setting yet another world record.

Further Highlights

Additional remarkable sales included a Nicholas II gold Specimen 1/2 Imperial of 5 Roubles 1895-AГ SP62 PCGS, reaching $264,000, and a Victoria gold Proof Pattern Crown (5 Shillings) 1887 PR65+ Ultra Cameo NGC, also fetching $264,000.

Ancient coins in the auction, notably from the Wetmore Collection of Gold and Electrum, showcased a blend of history and artistry. Leading the collection was a ZEUGITANA. Fine Style Carthage. Ca. 270-260 BC. AV trihemistater, which sold for $60,000.


The NYINC Auction by Heritage showcased a dazzling array of numismatic treasures, breaking records and captivating collectors worldwide. With each sale, these coins not only represent tangible pieces of history but also reaffirm Heritage’s position as a premier auction house in the realm of British and ancient coins.


What was the highlight of Heritage’s NYINC Auction?

The auction’s highlight was the sale of the Charles II silver Pattern “Petition” Crown 1663 MS62 NGC for a record $960,000.

What is the significance of the Henry III gold Penny?

The Henry III gold Penny of 20 Pence ND (c. 1257) UNC Details (Bent) NGC closed at $504,000, showcasing its historical importance.

Which coin fetched the highest price at the auction?

The Anne gold 5 Guineas 1706 MS63 PCGS set a record, selling for $408,000.

Were there any notable ancient coins in the auction?

Yes, the auction featured ancient coins from the Wetmore Collection, including a ZEUGITANA AV trihemistater that sold for $60,000.

What sets Heritage apart in the world of coin auctions?

Heritage’s NYINC Auction reaffirms its position as a leading auctioneer, consistently breaking records and offering exceptional numismatic treasures.

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