Ultra-Rare 1798 Small Eagle $5 Gold Coin 

By: Mobin

Only 7 examples of the 1798 Small Eagle $5 gold coin were ever produced making it exceptionally rare.  

Just 7 Coins Struck

The 1798 Small Eagle has greater rarity and value compared to the Large Eagle reverse $5 Half Eagles.

Higher Value

With so few struck, some 1798 Small Eagles are owned by Smithsonian and Harry Bass Foundation.  


Any of these early gold rarities that do appear at auction in collectible grades can realize over $2 million.


Chief Engraver Robert Scot designed the imaginative Turban Head motif displayed on the obverse.

Created By Scot 

Ideal examples retain nearly complete mint luster on surfaces untouched for 225+ years.  

Lustering Original

Early gold collectors fiercely compete when a 1798 Small Eagle happens to become available.   


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