America's First Gold Coin - 1796 Quarter Eagle

By: Mobin

Struck in 1796, the No Stars Quarter Eagle was the very first gold coin officially minted by the US.

America's First Gold  

The 1796 Quarter Eagle exists with No Stars and With Stars on the obverse indicating two distinct varieties.  


Lacking a mint mark, the 1796 Quarter Eagles were produced at the early Philadelphia Mint.


The imaginative Turban Head motif was created by the first Chief Engraver Robert Scot.  


Few high grade examples survived the 230+ years since original striking making top specimens very rare.


As first-year and low-mintage gold issues, 1796 Quarter Eagles are valued at over $300k in AU condition.


The 1796 No Stars variant marks an important milestone as the country's first domestically produced gold coinage.


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