Top Rare Nickels Coins Worth Up To $3.7 Million

By: Mobin

The 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel is the most valuable ever sold. Only 5 exist, 1 sold for $4.5M in 2018.

1913 Liberty Head 

The rare 1918/7 Doubled Die Obverse Buffalo Nickel shows a 7 under the 8 date. Worth over $300k.

1918/7 Buffalo 

With under 1 million minted, the 1926 S Buffalo is very scarce. Record sale is $322k in 2008.

1926 S Buffalo

Only 200 of the 1916 Buffalo Nickels with doubled date and chin details exist. Value - $281k.

1916 Doubled Die 

1920 D Buffalo Out of 9.5 million, few remain in top grade. One sold for $138k in 2008 via auction.

1920 D Buffalo

Transition years with design/date modifications produced key rarities. Check 1913 Type 2 and 1867 No Rays.

Date and Design Changes 

Poorly struck pieces like 1917 S, 1918 S & 1927 S Buffalo Nickels are scarce in nice grade, add value.  

Flawed Strikes

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