Key Coin Collecting Definitions to Know

By: Mobin

Precious metal coins valued for metal content over collectibility. Examples are American Gold & Silver Eagles.  


Special minting process using polished planchets and dies to create coins with sharp details and mirror-like surfaces. 

Proof Coins

Refers to coins showing no wear from circulation. Mint luster and details fully present.

Uncirculated Grade 

U.S. gold coins made before 1933 when coinage production stopped. Highly sought-after. 

Pre-1933 Gold

Defective coins made incorrectly. Off-center strikes, clipped blanks etc. Add premium value for collectors.

Error Coins

Finding undergraded or rare coins that hold more value than sale price. Requires sharp eye.


Evaluating a coin's condition. Grades range from poor to mint state based on wear, luster etc. Impacts value.


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