Top 7 Noisiest Bird Species

By: Anushka Jha

Cockatoos are famous for their loud screeches and calls, often heard echoing through the forest canopy.


 Parrots are vibrant and vocal, filling the air with their raucous squawks and melodious tunes, especially at dawn and dusk. 


Crows are intelligent and vocal birds, their distinctive caws and calls serving as a constant presence in urban and rural environments. 


Mockingbirds are talented mimics, imitating the calls of other birds and sounds of their environment, creating a symphony of noise. 


 Starlings form large flocks and produce a cacophony of chirps and whistles, particularly during their intricate murmuration displays. 


Seagulls are coastal chatterboxes, their loud cries and squawks filling the seaside air as they scavenge for food along the shore. 


 Pigeons are ubiquitous city dwellers, their cooing calls a familiar soundtrack to urban life, echoing through streets and squares. 


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