Top 7 Birds with Extraordinary Nests

By: Anushka Jha

 Weavers are known for their intricate nests, meticulously woven with grass and twigs, often suspended from branches. 


 Orioles construct hanging nests, skillfully woven from fibers, swaying delicately in the breeze, providing safety for their young.


Hummingbirds create tiny cup-shaped nests, often camouflaged with lichen and spider silk, perched on tree branches. 


 Flamingos construct mound-shaped nests from mud and clay in shallow water, forming large colonies for breeding and protection. 


Penguins build nests of stones, forming circular depressions to cradle their eggs, providing insulation against the icy cold. 


Albatrosses construct simple nests of soil and vegetation on remote islands, providing a safe haven for their chicks. 


Eagles build large nests, called eyries, atop tall trees or cliffs, offering commanding views of their territory.


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