Top 7 Facts about Terns

By: Anushka Jha

Terns are adaptable seabirds, capable of navigating diverse marine environments from coastal shores to open ocean waters.


These birds excel at aerial hunting, plunging into the water to catch fish with remarkable precision and agility.


 Terns undertake impressive migrations, traveling thousands of miles between breeding and wintering grounds, showcasing their endurance.


During breeding season, terns establish nesting colonies on sandy beaches, dunes, or rocky islands, laying eggs in shallow scrapes in the sand.


Terns are social birds, often seen in large flocks roosting, foraging, and engaging in courtship displays during the breeding season.


Many tern species are facing threats from habitat loss, pollution, and human disturbance, emphasizing the need for conservation efforts.

Protected Species

 Terns play a vital ecological role in marine ecosystems, controlling fish populations and redistributing nutrients through their droppings.

Marine Stewards

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