Top 7 Fastest Flying Birds

By: Anushka Jha

Falcons, famed for their high-speed dives, are among the fastest birds, reaching incredible speeds in pursuit of prey.


 Swifts, with their streamlined bodies and long wings, are masters of the sky, clocking remarkable speeds during migration. 


Hummingbirds, contempt their tiny size, are agile flyers, capable of hovering and darting at astonishing speeds to feed on nectar. 

Humming birds

 Swallows are swift fliers, adept at aerial acrobatics as they hunt insects on the wing, showcasing impressive agility and speed.


Eagles, with their powerful wings and keen eyesight, soar through the air with remarkable speed, often exceeding 100 mph in flight.


Peregrine falcons, the fastest birds on the planet, reach speeds of over 200 mph in their breathtaking stoop, making them unmatched aerial hunters. 


Albatrosses, with their impressive wingspan and dynamic soaring technique, effortlessly glide over oceans, achieving remarkable speeds as they travel vast distances. 


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