Top 7 Bird Species That Are Expert Fishers

By: Anushka Jha

Eagles, with their keen eyesight and powerful talons, dominate the skies and waters alike. Witness their unmatched prowess in fishing.


Ospreys, also known as fish hawks, execute dramatic dives to snatch fish from beneath the water's surface with precision and grace.


Kingfishers, with their vibrant plumage and dagger-like bills, excel at hunting fish by diving from perches or hovering above the water.


Herons, with their long necks and dagger-like bills, stalk shallow waters with patience, striking swiftly to secure their aquatic prey.


 Cormorants, skilled underwater swimmers, pursue fish beneath the surface, utilizing their streamlined bodies and sharp beaks for efficient hunting.


Pelicans, with their massive bills and expansive pouches, engage in cooperative fishing, herding and scooping up fish in synchronized maneuvers.


 Gannets, famed for their high-speed plunges from great heights, exhibit remarkable aerial acrobatics as they plunge into the depths to catch fish.


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