Bird Species That Are Found in Urban Environments

By: Anushka Jha

 Sparrows are adaptable birds commonly seen in urban areas. Their small size and resourcefulness make them thrive in cities, often nesting in buildings and feeding on scraps.


 Pigeons, often overlooked, are prevalent in urban landscapes worldwide. They have adapted well to city life, roosting on buildings and foraging for food in parks and streets.


 Starlings are known for their stunning murmurations, forming intricate patterns in the sky. These adaptable birds are also found in urban settings, nesting in trees and buildings.


Crows are highly intelligent birds that thrive in urban environments. They are often seen scavenging for food and nesting in trees or even on utility poles.


Blackbirds, with their melodious songs, bring a touch of nature to urban areas. They are commonly found in parks and gardens, foraging for insects and berries.


 House Finches are small, colorful birds commonly seen in urban gardens and neighborhoods. They build nests in trees and shrubs, adding a splash of color to city landscapes.

House Finches

Robins, with their distinctive red breast, are a familiar sight in urban gardens and parks. They are often seen hopping on lawns, searching for worms and insects.


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