Rare 1965 Silver Quarter - Value Guide

By: Mobin

1965 marked the transition from 90% silver coins to clad coinage. This changeover led to some extremely rare and valuable transitional errors.

Silver Coinage 

On rare occasions a 90% silver quarter planchet was struck instead of clad, producing the highly coveted 1965 silver quarter error.


The 1965 silver quarter looks ordinary but lacks the copper rim of normal clad quarters. This subtle variation makes it worth a fortune.


Besides silver transitional strikes, Doubled Die Obverse and Doubled Die Reverse varieties of the 1965 Washington quarter also trade for strong premiums.


Any 1965 quarter not showing copper on the reeded edge could potentially be the elusive silver transitional error. Handle with care!

Carefully Check

Use a silver Testing acid kit on any 1965 Washington quarters that may show signs of the 1965 silver quarter to conclusively check Metal content.  


The 1965 quarter marked the dawn of clad coinage still produced today, though errors linking it to the prior silver era possess great collector intrigue.


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