1921 Morgan Silver Dollars - History and Value Charts

By: Mobin

The 1921-dated Morgan silver dollar marked the end of the series first minted in 1878, while the 1921 Peace dollar kicked off a new coin design.

End of an Era 

Over 86 million Morgan dollars were struck at the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco Mints in 1921 - the highest output for any year.


While most 1921 Morgans are common, some varieties like the 1921-D and S mint Morgan dollars are scarcer in higher mint state grades.  

Rarities Exist

All 1921 Peace dollars feature a higher relief strike. This was lowered in 1922 to extend die life, creating a one-year coin type.

High Relief

Strong collector demand has steadily driven up values of Mint State 1921 Morgans and especially the sole date Peace dollar over the decades.  

Soaring Popularity

The 1921 Morgan and Peace dollars represent both the end and the beginning - secure these classic silver coins for your collection now.

Historic Issues 

Gorgeous works of art and tangible history, 1921 silver dollars commemorate a pivotal moment in U.S. numismatics.


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