Harriet Tubman Clad Half Dollar Unveiled

By: Mobin

The obverse depicts Harriet Tubman with two Civil War-era boats representing the Combahee River Raid which freed 700 enslaved persons.

Tubman Half Dollar 

The reverse shows Tubman with a spyglass in front of tents, symbolizing her work as a scout and spy for the Union Army.

Honoring Her Service

The Tubman half dollar kicks off the Mint's 2024 coin lineup, released on January 4 along with silver dollar and $5 gold coin.  

Part of 2024 Lineup 

The silver dollar reflects Tubman's Underground Railroad work. The $5 gold coin depicts her life after the Civil War.  

Additional Designs

Mint representatives from the Tubman Home and Freedom Center struck coins at Philadelphia and West Point Mints in November.

Mint Ceremonies  

Surcharges from the coin sales will support the Tubman Home and Freedom Center.


The new coins honor Tubman's lasting legacy as a conductor on the Underground Railroad who helped hundreds escape slavery.

Lasting Legacy

US Mint and Royal Mint Join For New Coin Design