Gallic Empire with Its Remarkable Coinage

By: Mobin

The rise of Postumus, who led the Gallic Empire after the defeat of Valerian by Shapur I, and learn about the unique coinage he introduced during his reign.


Laelianus, who issued gold aurei and alloy antoniniani coins, leaving a mark on the numismatic history of the Gallic Empire.


Marcus Aurelius Marius, whose execution marked the end of his tumultuous rule as Emperor of the Gallic Empire.


Victorinus, whose reign saw territorial gains and political intrigue within the Gallic Empire.


Domitianus, an enigmatic figure in Roman imperial numismatics, and examine the rare coins that bear his name.


Tetricus I to the throne of the Gallic Empire and the extensive coinage, including gold aurei and base alloy antoniniani, issued during his reign.

Tetricus I

Tetricus II, who followed in his father's footsteps as Emperor of the Gallic Empire, leaving behind a legacy of coinage and historical intrigue.

Tetricus II

1982-P Jefferson Nickel in this comprehensive collector’s