1982-P Jefferson Nickel in this comprehensive collector's

By: Anushka Jha

The 1982-P Jefferson nickel marks a pivotal moment in coinage history, reflecting the transition from traditional designs to modern numismatic concepts.


Felix Oscar Schlag's iconic portrayal of Thomas Jefferson on the obverse captures the essence of the Founding Father. 


The worth of the 1982-P Jefferson nickel, from circulated grades to certified examples, uncovering the factors that influence its market value.

Market Value

The elusive Full Steps designation and the criteria that determine the presence of complete steps on the coin's design, a coveted attribute among collectors.


The technical specifications of the 1982-P Jefferson nickel, including its composition, weight, diameter, and minting details, offering insights into its production.

Coin Specifications

The intricate details of the obverse and reverse designs, from Jefferson's profile to Monticello's architectural features.


Equip yourself with a comprehensive guide to the 1982-P Jefferson nickel, empowering collectors to make informed decisions. 

Collector's Guide

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