Fabulous 1913 Liberty Head V Nickels

By: Mobin

Among the most legendary rarities, only 5 Liberty Head V nickels were produced bearing the 1913 date before the series concluded.

Head V nickels 

Their striking was not authorized by the Philadelphia Mint. For decades theories have swirled over their mysterious origin.  

Minting Mystery

Each of the 5 known coins has been traced to prominent holders like Olsen, Eliasberg and Norweb over the years. 

Accounted For 

The V nickel features a left-facing Liberty bust on the obverse. Struck in 75% copper with a 21.2mm diameter.

Design & Details  

Trading in the millions today, individual 1913 specimens set records in excess of $3 million at major auction appearances.  

Multi-Million Dollar 

As a set, the 1913 nickels rank among the most desired of all US coins, placing in the top tier of valuable numismatic pieces.  

Famous Rarity 

More than a century later after their uncertain production, 1913 Liberty Head nickels still capture imaginations today.

Enduring Allure 

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