1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollars

By: Mobin

No silver dollars were struck in 1804. These were made decades later as special presentation pieces to fill gaps in early dollar collections.


With a mintage of just 8 coins, the Class I original 1804 dollar is instantly recognizable and trades for over $3 million at auction in top grades.

High Value

Featuring a draped bust obverse and heraldic eagle reverse, these 39.5mm silver coins contain 89% silver and 11% copper.

Design Details

Restrikes with spacing differences on the reverse make up Class II and Class III 1804 dollars. Only 15 exist across all varieties.

Additional Classes

Traced to prominent collectors like the King of Siam and Sultan of Muscat, individual 1804 dollars have legendary pedigrees behind them.  

Famous Specimens

Securing a spot in the top 10 most valuable US coins of all time, an 1804 dollar exemplifies 19th century coin rarities.  

Prime Rarity Territory

Revered as the "King of Coins", the highly important 1804 Draped Bust dollar stands atop the US numismatic market as the ultimate trophy piece.

King of Coins

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