Top 7 Bird Species That Can Solve Complex Problems

By: Anushka Jha

Crows, known for their sharp wit, can solve puzzles and even use tools. They demonstrate remarkable problem-solving abilities.


Parrots, with their impressive mimicry and cognitive skills, excel in problem-solving tasks, showing high levels of intelligence.


Keas, New Zealand's native parrots, exhibit exceptional problem-solving skills, often devising innovative ways to obtain food.


Ravens, highly adaptable and intelligent birds, showcase problem-solving prowess, capable of complex social interactions and tool usage.


African Grey Parrots, renowned for their exceptional cognitive abilities, can solve complex puzzles and get word tasks quickly.

 African Grey Parrots

Jays, known for their intelligence and memory, demonstrate problem-solving skills, particularly in food caching and retrieval.


New Caledonian Crows, famous for their tool-making skills, exhibit remarkable problem-solving abilities, showcasing advanced cognition.

 New Caledonian Crows

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