Ultra Rare 1943-D Lincoln Wheat Bronze Cent

By: Mobin

Only 1 example is known to exist of the 1943-D Lincoln Wheat Cent struck mistakenly in bronze instead of wartime steel.

Fabled 1943-D Cent 

This coin is completely unique - no others like it are known to have survived making it highly desired.


A leftover bronze planchet from 1942 was somehow used to strike this unauthorized rarity.

Bronze Planchet 

Nearly all 1943 cents were composed of steel due to WWII copper shortages - making this bronze error extremely unusual.

Pennies Were Steel  

Valued at over $2 million in top collector grade, this is one of the most coveted mint errors among US coin collectors and investors.

Million Dollar Rarity

Sadly, fakes are common due to huge demand. Carefully vet any specimens prior to purchase.  


The present location of this 1943-D bronze cent is unknown, making the chance to own it seemingly impossible.

Where Is It Now

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