US Mint and Royal Mint Announce Collaborative Design

By: Anushka Jha

The U.S. Mint and The Royal Mint unveil a historic collaboration for the 2024 Liberty & Britannia Program, merging iconic symbols of liberty.


The collaborative design showcases Liberty and Britannia, two enduring symbols of American and British heritage.


This groundbreaking partnership marks the first time the Chief Engravers of both mints have collaborated on a single design.


Liberty, represented by a torch and stars, symbolizes freedom and enlightenment, while Britannia, wielding a trident and wearing a Corinthian helmet.


The harmonious integration of Liberty and Britannia reflects the close relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.


Numismatists and collectors worldwide can anticipate the release of commemorative and bullion coins featuring this iconic design. 


The collaboration between the U.S. Mint and The Royal Mint signifies a momentous milestone in numismatic history, bridging continents.


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