1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Values and Rarities

By: Mobin

The 1942 Walking Liberty half dollar features a beautiful and iconic American coin design. We explore values and key dates.  

Iconic 1942 Walker Half Dollar

Robust mintages were seen in 1942 to support wartime economic needs, making most issues common. But some standouts exist.


Circulated 1942 walkers are affordable. Price escalates dramatically for rare Mint State and Proof examples in very high grades.

Dictates Value 

The Philadelphia and Denver Mints struck nearly 48 and 11 million coins respectively. The San Francisco had a lower 12 million mintage.  

P and D Issues

The 1942 Proof issue with only 21,120 made would be the last half dollar proof until 1950, due to WWII.

Proof Coinage

Major variety is the very popular 1942 DDR (Doubled Die Reverse). Other minor varieties like DDO and RPMs also exist.

Doubled Die Variety 

Mechanical errors also occur like off-center milling and dramatic double/triple strikes. These generate huge collector interest.

Double Strike Errors

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