Fabled 1794 Silver Plug Flowing Hair Dollar

By: Mobin

The 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar with rare silver plug variety is believed by some experts to be the very first official US Dollar ever minted.

First US Silver Dollar

1794 marked only the second year of operations after the US Mint first opened its doors.

Minting Genesis

Some overweight planchets had internal silver plugs inserted to reduce mass to proper standards.  

Special Weight

Survived over 225 years in exceptional condition. Recently sold at auction for over $10 million.  

Virtually Perfect

Matching die state as trial pieces, sharp initial strike, and perfect alignment indicate first coin status.


In contrast, all other 1794 dollars show some degree of die clashing, misalignments, etc pointing to later strikes.

Die Degradation 

As perhaps the genesis strike of US federal coinage, this piece holds an unmatched pedigree.   


1794 Liberty Head Cent with 1795 Head Design