1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Price Guide

By: Mobin

With almost 48 million made, 1942-P Walking Liberty half dollars are plentiful and affordable. Strong strikes and luster make top graded examples desirable.


Nearly 11 million 1942 Denver Mint Walking Liberty half dollars feature nice strikes and bright luster. High grade specimens are scarcer than the Philly issue. 


Weak, mushy strikes plague San Francisco Mint 1942 Walkers. Strongly struck '42-S halves earn big premiums. 

San Francisco

The 1942 proof half dollar had a relatively high mintage of 21,120 pieces. As the last proof Walker until 1950, many were saved.


 Some of the highest auction records for superb gem quality 1942 Walking Liberty half dollars include $78,000 for a 1942-P and $70,500 for a 1942-S.


Collecting "short sets" of Walkers from 1934-1947 or 1941-1947 makes completing a set more affordable by skipping earlier low mintage dates.

Building Sets

Walking Liberty half dollars from 1942 feature widely varying mintages between Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints.


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