1926-S Peace Dollar Graded MS66+ by NGC 

By: Mobin

The 1926-S has one of the lower mintages in the series with just under 2 million pieces produced at the San Francisco Mint.

Low Mintage 

Out of all examples submitted to NGC, this coin is tied for the single highest grading, making it a major condition rarity.  

Tied Finest Certified 

Beautiful cartwheel luster and no distractions make this a premium gem. It has received the green CAC sticker for superior eye appeal. 

Original Surfaces

With its limited original distribution, the 1926-S is considered a semi key date Peace Dollar eagerly sought in high grades.

Key Date 

Peace Dollar specialists will vigorously compete to secure this absolute finest known 1926-S example for their set registry holdings. 

Collector Competition

Graded MS66+ by NGC with a CAC sticker, this coin has tremendous upside potential as the market recognizes its rarity.  

Investment Potential

This lustrous premium gem 1926-S Peace Dollar will be a centerpiece rarity within an advanced collection.


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