1873 Trade Dollar in Top-Graded Gem MS65

By: Mobin

The Philadelphia Mint struck just over 3.03 million business strike trade dollars in 1873. Survivors are scarcer than later dates.  

Low Mintage

Of all examples graded, only 6 have met PCGS MS65 status, putting this coin in the condition census for the date. 

Condition Rarity

These trade dollars facilitated trade in Asia. The 1873 issue may contain silver from Nevada's massive Comstock Lode bonanza.

Historical Context

Vibrant luster and minimal signs of contact make this coin a prize specimen of the first year 1873 Philadelphia Mint trade dollar issue.

Premium Quality   

As a condition rarity ranked among the finest known, Trade Dollar specialists will vigorously pursue this beautiful MS65 prize.

Collector Demand

With rising precious metal values, Trade Dollars are an interesting intersection of numismatic and bullion interest. This coin hits the sweet spot.

Investment Appeal  

The lovely surfaces and significance of this First Year 1873 Trade Dollar present a captivating opportunity for astute collectors.