1964 Kennedy Half Dollar - History and Value Guide

By: Mobin

The 1964 Kennedy half dollar featuring JFK's profile was authorized by Congress weeks after his tragic assassination to pay tribute.

Honoring a President  

All 1964 Kennedy halves contain 90% silver - the last year for this composition. This gives them a minimum melt value over bullion content.

90% Silver Content

Over 429 million business strikes were produced in 1964 at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, along with nearly 4 million proofs. 


Several rare Doubled Die Obverse and Repunched Mintmark varieties of the 1964 Denver issue trade for big premiums in top grades.  


Only about a dozen examples are known of the experimental satin finish 1964 SMS Kennedy half. Recently selling for over $150,000 at auction.  

SMS Specime

Early proofs from January 1964 with over-emphasized hair detail on JFK's portrait are worth a nice premium over regular proofs.


Even with huge mintages, 1964 Kennedy halves are still affordable collectibles thanks to continued popularity decades later.  


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