1907 Indian Head $10 Gold Eagle Wire Rim No Stars Unique

By: Mobin

The 1907 Indian Head $10 gold coin with wire rim and missing edge stars is an extremely rare and valuable mint error variety.

Indian Head $10

Features the iconic Indian Head obverse design by Saint-Gaudens. Paired with the Heraldic Eagle reverse introduced in 1907.


Only a small number display the wide, high wire rim and lack stars on the edge. Less than 5 examples of this major mint error are known to still exist.


Transition year from the Liberty Head to Indian Head design. Produced at the Philadelphia mint. 


Highly sought-after and traded for over $2 million in optimal condition. Average value still near $500,000. 


Confirm wire rim and missing edge stars under magnification. Compare to verified images. Receive certification from top grading services like PCGS or NGC.


Other rare 20th century gold varieties include 1933 Double Eagles, High Relief St. Gaudens coins, and commemorative half eagles.


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