1795 Turban Head $10 Gold Eagle Coin Story

By: Mobin

The 1795 Turban Head gold eagle is one of the rarest and most valuable early American coins. Valued for its mint error featuring 9 leaves on the olive branch.

Turban Head

Features a left-facing portrait of Lady Liberty wearing a cap and 9 leaves on the olive branch, a unique mint error.


Only a few thousand struck. The 9 leaves variety is exceptionally scarce. Highly sought-after by collectors and investors.


The first $10 gold pieces struck by the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. President Washington likely donated some of his gold for the first coins. 


Can be worth over $10 million in optimal condition. Average value around $2 million. Value dependent on condition, strike quality.


Lettering style, dentils, date position provides clues to identify fakes. Compare to verified images. Receive certification from top grading services.


Other early gold coins like 1795 Half Eagles, 1799 Eagles, territorial gold coins and early commemoratives can provide more affordable options for collectors. 


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