1907 $20 Double Eagle - World's Most Beautiful Coin

By: Mobin

1907 Ultra High Relief Saint Gaudens $20 Double Eagle gold coin regarded as the world's most beautiful coin design ever produced.  

Beautiful Coin

Famed US coin designer Augustus Saint Gaudens intended this Ultra High Relief version as his ideal vision for the $20 gold piece. 


Comes in Ultra High Relief, High Relief and Low Relief versions. UHR is the rarest & most valuable.

Design Varieties  

Only 18 Ultra High Relief specimens were ever struck across 3 batches. Incredibly rare.

Original Mintage  

Unique Plain Edge & Lettered Edge edge variants exist. Part of intriguing numismatic history.  


Coins were ultimately changed to lower relief versions due to technical difficulties striking design.


High investor demand places value for any 1907 $20 UHR Saint Gauden Double Eagle at $3+ million and rising.


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