1854 S $5 Coronet Head Half Eagle

By: Mobin

1854 S Coronet Head $5 Half Eagle gold coin is a highly rare coin with only 268 minted & just 3 known to exist today.

Rarest Coins

Worth well over $4 million in pristine grades. One of most valuable US rare gold coins due to tiny original mintage & survivors.  


1854 marked first year San Francisco mint produced the $5 Half Eagle gold denomination.  

$5 Half Eagle

The 3 known surviving coins today are known as the Boyd, Wolfson & Newcomer specimens, now in museum collections.


Features Christian Gobrecht's Coronet Head obverse design. Struck in 90% gold & 10% copper.  


Nearly entire original mintage was exported soon after striking. Most disappeared from records over years.   

Vanishing Act

Background stories of each surviving 1854-S $5 gold coin make them intriguing for collectors & historians.


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