By: Mobin

With a tiny mintage of only 50 proofs for collectors, the 1840 Seated dollar stands out as having one of the lowest in the series. Most were likely melted.

Striking Rarity

As the sole top-graded PR65 specimen, this coin has fetched over $140k at auction. Our price is $165,000 for this numismatic prize.

Auction Record

Features the early no motto Liberty Seated design. Mintage took place at the Philadelphia Mint prior to the New Orleans branch opening. 

Design Highlights

No business strikes are known for this date. Of the few surviving proofs, this coin is the single finest certified example, adding to its immense rarity.

Condition Rarity

The 1840 dollars may have circulated during William Henry Harrison's presidential campaign, won with the slogan "Tippecanoe and Tyler too."

Historic Context  

An important opportunity for advanced collectors. As a beautifully preserved gem example of this rare date, demand from specialists will be fierce. 

Collector Value  

The 1840 Liberty Seated dollar occupies an intriguing intersection of history and extreme rarity. This PR65 coin will be a focal point in an advanced cabinet.


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