1808 Gold Quarter Eagle - Top Rarest US Coins

By: Mobin

The 1808 Quarter Eagle was the first year this gold denomination was minted. With a limited mintage of just 2,710 coins.

Quarter Eagle 

Featured on the obverse is the Capped Bust left portrait of Liberty wearing a cap with the word LIBERTY above.


This 1808 Quarter Eagle has no mint mark, indicating it was struck at the Philadelphia Mint. Up until 1838, US coins did not display mint marks.

Philadelphia Mint

Composed of nearly pure gold (.9167 fine), these Quarter Eagles contain a total gold content of just under 0.1 troy ounce (4.37 grams).

90% Pure Gold 

Due to tiny original mintage and popularity among collectors, an 1808 $2.50 gold coin in top graded condition can be valued over $2 million!


Values range tremendously based on condition grade, with an About Uncirculated specimen worth $260k vs. $2.9 million for an MS63 grade.

Grading Scale

As one of the first gold coins ever struck by the US Mint and with only a few thousand made, the 1808 Quarter Eagle is an intriguing and valuable numismatic prize.

Historic Rarity

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