Million Dollar 1861 Paquet $20 Gold Piece 

By: Mobin

The 1861 Philadelphia Paquet reverse $20 gold coin is a famous rarity with just 2 specimens known of this special one-year double eagle design.


Featuring a modified reverse by Anthony Paquet, it was intended as the new standard but canceled shortly after a tiny mintage.  


Taller letters, a wider open star circle and rays closer to the text set it apart from the common reverse for 1861 double eagles.


Struck in 90% gold with a diameter of 34 mm, the coin weighs 33.44 grams and the two surviving pieces grade Very Fine to Extremely Fine.


Highly desired by collectors, auction records for the 1861 $20 Paquet reverse are over $1 million each for the two privately owned coins. 

Million Dollar 

Alongside the unique 1870-S $3 gold coin, the 1861 Paquet double eagle exemplifies 19th century US mint rarities coveted today.  

Enduring Rarity

Without question, the 1861 Coronet Head $20 gold Paquet reverse counts among the most valuable and desired of all American coins.

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