1797 Draped Bust Half Dollars with 15 Stars on Obverse

By: Mobin

Among the earliest half dollar coins minted. Features a small eagle reverse design paired with Ms. Liberty bust obverse. 

Early Type 

Very few 1797 half dollars were produced, making these coins highly sought-after by collectors and investors.

Low Mintage

An unusual feature is the 15 star obverse representing the 15 US states at that time - unusual as most coinage of the era depicts 13 stars.

15 Stars 

Composed of 89% silver and 11% copper. Weighs 13.48 grams with a diameter of 32.5mm.

Silver Content

Struck at the Philadelphia Mint. Last series with the small eagle reverse before transitioning to the Heraldic Eagle reverse motif.

Minting History 

Less than 10 examples are known to still exist in all grades combined. Those in Very Fine condition can command $100k+ valuations.

Condition Rarity

Graded specimens certified by NGC or PCGS trade for substantial premiums - up to $1.6 Million+ for top grade coins.

Investment Appeal

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