1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollars with Worth $1 Million

By: Mobin

1795 Flowing Hair dollars were the first silver dollars minted in the United States. Produced at the Philadelphia Mint.


The coins contain 89% silver and 11% copper. Weigh 26.96 grams and 39.5mm diameter.


 A small number of 1795 dollars feature a circular silver plug inserted to properly adjust the coin's weight before striking.

Silver Plug

Plugs can be hard to notice as the coin was struck over them. Sometimes edges or color differences give them away.

Identifying Plugs

Plugs are visible on both sides of the coin - in the middle of the portrait of Ms. Liberty on obverse and eagle on reverse.

Where Found 

Only a tiny number of these silver plug variety dollars are known to still exist today making them highly coveted.

Extreme Rarity

A 1795 Flowing Hair silver dollar with a silver plug sold for over $10 million at auction in 2013 due to exceptional rarity.

Record Value

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