Liberty Cap Half Cent Value Guide

By: Mobin

The very first Liberty Cap Half Cent from 1793 features a left facing portrait of Lady Liberty wearing a cap with word "Liberty" visible.


Made from 100% copper planchets rather than later steel ones. Weighs 6.74 grams with diameter of 22mm. Engraved design by Joseph Wright. 


While first year, relatively high mintage of 35,334,383 pieces gives plenty of supply even for very worn low grade examples. 


Values range from as low as $4 in G-4 grade, up to $37,000 for pristine MS-65 specimen. Much rarer in top grades despite high mintage.


Price chart shows values for grades G, VG, F, VF, EF, AU, UNC MS-60, Choice MS-65 and Proof-65 condition coins certified by PCGS or NGC.

Major Grades

As one of the very first US coins and a one year type, important for Collectors building sets of early American coppers.


With limited top-grade survivors known, demand from collectors remains strong for this historic, one-year type half cent issue. Prices trending higher.


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