1885 Trade Silver Dollar Coins, Only 5 Minted in Proof

By: Mobin

Only 5 minted in proof at the Philadelphia Mint in 1885. Intended for collectors and not released for 25 years when the first surfaced at auction in 1913.


All 5 specimens of the 1885 Trade dollar are known to collectors today. One sold in 2006 for $3.3 million in pristine proof condition valued at over $1 million each.

Pristine Condition

Struck in 90% silver and 10% copper with a diameter of 38.1mm, mass of 27.22 grams, and reeded edge.

Silver Composition

With only 5 proofs minted, the rarity and demand for the 1885 Trade dollar is very high amongst coin collectors .

High Demand

The lack of business strikes and tiny proof mintage make the 1885 Trade dollar a significant key date in the series.

Key Date

The Trade dollar series was produced from 1873-1885 with the intent to use in trade in the Orient.

Trade Dollar History

The few times an 1885 Trade dollar has appeared at major coin auction houses, the coins have exceeded millions.

Auction Record

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