1794 Liberty Head Cent with 1795 Head Design 

By: Mobin

The iconic early US large cent with extremely rare 1794 date but showing the liberty head from 1795. Very few exist.  

1794 Penny with 1795 Head

Some of the earliest coins minted after the US Mint opened in 1792. 1794 marked only the second year of US coin production.

US Coinage

Features a unique liberty head design that was used only during 1795 before being replaced in 1796.

Special One-Year Design

Less than 150 examples of this variety are estimated to exist, mostly in lower grades. Top quality pieces are worth over $400k.


Distinctive curl of hair loops up and around on 1795 head but missing on the "Exact Head" 1794 variety.  

Identifying The Variety 

Detailed in the early large cent reference guide as Sheldon number 72 based on the grading scale created by Dr. Sheldon.

Legendary Sheldon-72

As one of the very first US denominations, early large copper cents are avidly collected and in huge demand.

Collector Demand

Australia’s First Gold Coin Minted in 1852