Australia's First Gold Coin Minted in 1852

By: Mobin

The 1852 Adelaide Pound is considered Australia's first gold coin. It has a legendary backstory and rarity that makes it highly prized today.

Australia's First Gold Coin

The Adelaide Pound was minted to convert gold from the Victorian fields into coinage at the Adelaide Assay Office. Only about 25,000 were made.


It exists in two varieties - Type I from the first minting with cracked reverse die, and Type II from the second run with fixed die.

Two Major Varieties   

As gold value exceeded face value, most circulated examples were melted down in London. Hence great rarity nowadays.

Melted Down

Only about 40 Type I coins exist today. Weak crown but exceptional edges and denticles define this variety.

Extremely Rare  

Roughly 250 Type II coins are available. Better crown details but slightly weak lettering on edges.


A Type I can sell for $100,000+ whereas Type II sells for around $20,000+.

Huge Price Difference  

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