Top Rarest and Most Valuable Nickels Ever Sold

By: Mobin

The world famous 1913 Liberty Head "V" nickel, with only 5 examples known, holds the record for most valuable nickel selling for $4.56 million. 

1913 Liberty Nickel

Other top nickel rarities include the 1918/7-D Buffalo at $350k, 1926-S Buffalo at $322k, and 1916 Doubled Die Obverse Buffalo at $282k.  

Key Rarities   

High grade Shield nickels from the 1880s, like an 1886 "V" nickel, and 1913 Buffalo nickels round out the most expensive type coins.

Early Types

Later Buffalo nickel dates from the 1920s and 30s become valuable in higher Mint State grades, like MS65 or better.

Condition Sensitive

 For Jeffersons, Full Steps examples where Monticello shows complete lines on the reverse make the list, like a 1954-S FS.  

Jefferson Varieties

Buffalo nickels and V-nickels remain extremely popular with collectors, driving record prices at auction.

Strong Demand

Fame and stories, some classics like the 1883 No Cents nickel and 1936 Three Legged Buffalo fall short of making the top coins

Surprise Exclusions  

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