Top 7 Winter Care Tips for Pet Birds

By: Anushka Jha

Make sure your pet bird's diet includes warming foods like seeds and nuts, providing essential nutrients to keep them healthy during colder months.


Create a cozy environment with a heating lamp or pad to maintain optimal temperature levels, preventing your bird from feeling the chill.


Keep water fresh and lukewarm, as birds may be less inclined to drink cold water during winter, ensuring they stay hydrated.


Position your bird's cage away from drafts and cold air sources, such as windows and doors, to shield them from cold drafts.

Avoid Drafts

Schedule regular check-ups with your avian vet to check your bird's health and well-being, addressing any concerns promptly.

Regular Vet Check-ups

Encourage exercise through interactive toys and supervised flight time to maintain physical activity levels, promoting overall health.


Provide soft bedding materials and cozy hiding spots in your bird's cage to offer comfort and warmth during the winter season.


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