Top 7 Tricks to Teach Your Australian Shepherd

By: Anushka Jha

Teaching your Australian Shepherd to sit is fundamental. Start with treats as positive reinforcement, gently guiding them into a seated position. Practice consistency for success.


Mastering the "stay" command assures safety and control. Begin with short intervals, gradually increasing duration. Reward calm behavior and reinforce the command with praise.


Engage your Aussie's natural herding instincts with fetch. Introduce a toy or ball, encouraging them to retrieve and return it to you. Praise and treats reinforce the desired behavior.


Teach your Australian Shepherd to shake paws for a charming greeting. Encourage them to lift one paw with a verbal cue and gentle guidance. Reward their effort with treats.


Impress with the "roll over" trick. Start by luring your Aussie onto their side with a treat, then guide them into a full roll. Patience and positive reinforcement lead to success.

Roll Over

Add flair to your Aussie's repertoire with the "spin" command. Use a treat to lure them in a circular motion, rewarding each rotation. Practice consistently for fluency.


Elevate interaction with a playful "high five." Encourage your Aussie to raise a paw and touch your hand. Celebrate each successful touch with treats and praise.

High Five

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