Top 7 Tips for Training a New Puppy

By: Anushka Jha

Lay the foundation with essential commands. Teach your pup to sit, stay, and come. Consistency is key. Use positive reinforcement for a rewarding learning experience.


Introduce your puppy to various environments, people, and other dogs. Socialization builds confidence and prevents behavioral issues. Begin early for a well-adjusted companion.


Establish a routine for bathroom breaks. Reward success and be patient with accidents. Create a designated potty area. Consistent training ensures a clean and happy home.

Potty Training

Provide a safe haven for your puppy with crate training. Make it a positive space, not a punishment. Gradually increase time spent inside. A crate becomes a secure retreat.

Crate Training

Teach your puppy to walk calmly on a leash. Use treats and positive reinforcement. Start in a quiet environment, then progress to busier areas. Enjoy walks together.

Leash Training

Redirect chewing to appropriate toys. Puppies look into the world with their mouths. Offer a variety of chew toys to satisfy their natural instincts. Protect your belongings.

Chewing Behaviors

Emphasize positive reinforcement. Reward good behavior with treats and praise. Build a strong bond based on trust and love. Consistent positive reinforcement shapes a well-mannered pup.

Positive Reinforcement

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