Top 7 Tips for Puppy Teething Relief

By: Anushka Jha

Puppies chew to soothe teething discomfort. Provide safe chew toys to alleviate their urge.


Offer frozen treats like carrots or toys soaked in water, providing relief to sore gums.

 Ice Treats

Massage your puppy's gums with your finger or a soft cloth to alleviate teething pain.

Gentle Massage

Wrap a cold, damp cloth around a chew toy for a soothing and cooling effect on tender gums.

Cold Cloths

Invest in teething rings designed for puppies, providing relief while strengthening jaw muscles.

Teething Rings

Consult your vet about safe teething gels to apply to your puppy's gums for pain relief.

Teething Gels

Keep your puppy entertained with interactive toys or games to divert attention from teething discomfort.


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