Top 7 Tips for Feeding Birds in Winter

By: Anushka Jha

Prepare your bird feeders ahead of winter, ensuring they are clean, filled with appropriate food, and strategically placed for safety.


Offer a variety of bird foods such as seeds, suet, and nuts to accommodate different bird species' dietary preferences during the cold months.

Food Variety

Provide a reliable water source for birds by installing a birdbath heater or regularly replenishing water to prevent freezing.

Water Source

Create sheltered areas in your yard with dense shrubs or evergreens to offer birds protection from harsh winter weather and predators.


Apply window decals to reduce bird collisions, especially during snowy conditions when birds may have difficulty seeing glass reflections.

Window Decals

Avoid using salt or chemical de-icers near bird feeding areas, as they can be harmful to birds' feet and health if ingested.

Avoid Salt

Maintain a consistent feeding schedule throughout winter, as birds rely on reliable food sources to survive the cold season.


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