Top 7 Tips for Dog-Proofing Homes

By: Anushka Jha

 Ensure your furry friend's safety by securing hazardous areas. Invest in gates and locks to limit access to potentially harmful spaces.


Dogs love to chew. Safeguard your belongings by providing suitable chew toys. Train them to distinguish between toys and household items.


Protect your furniture from scratches and stains. Invest in pet-friendly covers and discourage your dog from making your couch their personal playground.


Dogs are curious - keep electrical cords out of reach to prevent accidents. Consider using cord protectors or tucking them away to ensure your pet's safety.

Electrical Cords

 Dogs are notorious for rummaging through trash. Use secure bins and keep them out of reach to avoid any unwanted messes and potential health hazards.

Trash Bins

Some plants are toxic to dogs. Create a pet-friendly environment by choosing non-toxic plants and keeping harmful ones out of your furry friend's reach.


Regularly inspect your home for potential hazards. Stay proactive in maintaining a safe and happy environment for your canine companion.

Routine Check

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